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UK Youth Employment Report 2019

youth employment accessibility research

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About The Report

With Circa 1m young adults not in work, education, employment or training, or just simply off the statistical radar, you begin to wonder what the noise is about when you hear of staff shortages in business.


What are the barriers to employment for young people? The reasons are complex linking back to education, housing and social change but there is another softer reason that can be easily changed.


The research was carried out by a team of young people to look at companies job adverts, websites and application processes and measure them against each other and by industry.


With 59% of the world’s workforce set to be made up of Millennials or younger by 2020 it’s critical that our attraction and recruitment strategies align to current job seeker behaviour.


Growing up in a digital world heavily influenced by consumer experience younger jobseekers simply expect more from hiring companies. However, according to our research only 7% of businesses across six market sectors are exceeding young people’s expectations when it comes to portraying their business and its culture.


Download our free report to further understand the expectations of the modern job seeker and how you too can optimise your recruitment activities and process to attract top talent.

2/3 of Businesses

Did not have an entry point for young people to gain employment.

1/6 Businesses

had a very poor or no job section on their website

78% of Businesses

failed to promote themselves as an employer