Engage Your Employees, Improve Communication and Retain Talent Longer With An Employee App


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Communicate with office, mobile, warehouse, remote and lone workers, no matter where they are


Engage and inspire employees with video updates, news, instructions, events, surveys, time tracking, holiday requests & so much more


Deliver training and refresher courses, 'on-mobile' & ondemand


Capture employee feedback and encourage constant improvement


Retain more employees by keeping employees informed and engaged 


Chat - enable peer to peer communication with instant messenger


Send Push Notifications Instantly to all employees, a division or a select group


Surveys - Easily survey your employees from within the app and gain instant feedback


News & Information - Keep your staff up to date with the latest company activity

Additional features   


Own Branded App - Your app can be personalised to match your branding


Easy integration - integrate existing information from active directory to SharePoint


User Management - Easily add, edit and invite employees to the app 


Employee directory - All important information on your employees can be stored in the app in addition to emergency contacts and responsible authorities


Enterprise grade security - We ensure your data is as safe as possible.  We do daily backups and have an uptime of 99.9%


Works in all your channels -The app includes a fully responsive counterpart for your browser. It easily integrates with your HR tools, content system, and other software


         About Workvine        

  We combine over 25 years of practical recruitment know-how with relevant technologies to enhance your entire employee experience.

We cover everything from attracting new employees to efficiently recruiting them, to regularly engaging and training them – because we know, first hand, that a valued workforce is a loyal workforce, where happiness breeds productivity, which is a key driver for business growth.

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 What our customers say

" Now we've got the app essentially we have a one-stop-shop for everything".

Steve Doyle - MD

AD Construction

"It gives us a really quick and quality way of communicating with staff".

 Tim Pinder - Chief Executive

Peaks & Plains 

"This App has been fantastic, it's been revolutionary". 

 Sally Lewis - Business Services Manager

Intelligent Office


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"With Workvine and Staffbase we have the technology and content to keep our workforce engaged and informed of our success. We will grow together and succeed together"

  • Remote workers now feel part of the team
  • Consistent information can now be shared across 10 sites in the UK and Europe
  • We can now gain instant honest employee feedback 

"our employee app takes us to another level"

“The App has the potential to put the information we all need at our fingertips, bring our colleagues even closer and make our teams stronger”

  • The App has enabled employees to do the survey in their own time without disrupting their work – no complicated log-ons, quick and easy to use.
  • The App’s survey drastically reduced the amount of time spent getting employees opinions.
  • Neovia Logistics has seen an almost immediate improvement in communications right across the board.

 “It feels like we’ve always had the Employee App. It’s branded right and feels right for our organisation. Everyone’s taken to it really quickly.”


  • 50% of employees were signed up to the app within the first day.
  • 90% had signed up within the first week.
  • All new messages and notifications are seen by staff within the first hour of being sent out
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Ready to see the app?


To book your guided tour of the employee app or to receive further information simply leave your contact details and we'll get in touch. Not quick enough? Speak to one of our experts today on 01455 248 750.